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Powder Coaters Working for You

At Centennial in Zeeland, Michigan, we know how important high-quality work is. This is why our quality-control system is certified to the ISO 9001-2008 standard. Every piece powder coated goes through a detailed visual inspection by vastly trained QC inspectors. Consistent checks of powder thickness, gloss, adhesion, and color are carried out continuously throughout all production runs.

Millage Test Meter

Mileage Test Meter

Our quality-testing laboratory is supplied with state-of-the-art testing equipment. It includes superior gloss meters, mileage testing meters, adhesion testing equipment, and a Macbeth artificial light booth. This allows our trained personnel to perform and document quality tests for every client.

A Small Sample of In-House Masking

As a custom coating shop, Centennial serves a wide range of customer products. Many of the products we apply powder coating to often require a special masking where the powder is not allowed. Because of this, we keep a large stock of masking supplies enabling us to plug threaded holes of all sizes. We also mask machined holes where customers have specified "no powder allowed." Our special high-heat tape permits us to mask off larger sections of products that must be paint free, while still applying a high-quality finish on the rest of the item.

A Small Sample of In-House Masking

Installing Glides

Secondary Operations

We are proud to provide many value-added operations to our processes. We deliver light assembly operations that many of our customers utilize to save time and money. Adding glides, casters, and connectors are just a few of the operations we carry out on a daily basis. Let us know if you have any distinct or secondary service needs.

Special packaging is another value-added operation we can provide. Making individual boxes and preparing products for direct shipment via common carrier, UPS, or any other form of transportation can all be provided. We strive on making this process as stress-free as possible for you.

Production Touch Screen Software

Our advanced production software, along with touch-screen workstations, provides every work group in our facility with accurate, live information on the process product flow. Each station receives scheduling information from the primary scheduler through our integrated network. This information allows every workstation to have up-to-the-second information concerning staged, in-process, and completed work. Any workstation can view product pictures, prints, technical data sheets, MSDS sheets, and any unique quality or packaging notes at the click of a button.

All this information is at our fingertips on an innovative touch screen. This information has been instrumental in reducing needless mistakes due to lack of information. It also provides our customers with recent information concerning the status of their parts when a simple phone call is made to anyone at our company.

Production Touch Screen Software

Load Area Touch Screen

Time is money and we understand that at Centennial. Our shipping labels are also created through our touch-screen software to ensure our process is as quick as possible. At the completion of a product run, the data from within our touch screen system is printed out on shipping labels. These provide all the information required by each customer along with a bar code.

They are then scanned as the product is loaded on the client's trucks and a packing slip is instantly printed at the completion of the loading process. This system significantly reduces the amount of time truck drivers spend at our facility during the loading process.